Name: Gayla Thompson
Company: Pioneer Title Company

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Mark has been a very good professional. He is very attentive to every file that I have worked with him on and cares very much about the best interest of his clients. He always returns emails and phone calls in a quick manner. 

Name:  Charlie Sells

Location: Phoenix AZ 
Mark did an amazing job of Wholesaling my condo within 30 days of his first contact with me offering to market my property. He gave me a fair price and took care of all of the work in showing the property, closing escrow with the title company, and coordinating my move-out and the new owner's move-in. Mark is personable, honest, quick to respond when called, pays attention to details and a pleasure to do business with. 

Name: Paul R

Location: Phoenix AZ ​
Working with Mark is always a pleasurable experience. His knowledge and expertise coupled with his professional and compassionate approach has a way of putting people at ease. Building confidence and trust come naturally through Mark's delivery of timely and accurate information providing folks with hard to find answers and opportunities that just aren't readily available to those in need of them. I highly recommend Mark "The Arizona Real Estate Recycler" to anyone with any sort real estate issue who is looking for alternative solutions to situations where traditional methods and thinking simply do not apply. 

Name: Carlita

Location: Phoenix


I have had the opportunity to work with Mark and the National Real Estate Recycle team a few times. He's the best at what he does! He is consistently responsive to my questions, patient with me while giving me the time that I need to follow up, resourceful and friendly! He makes you feel comfortable with any/all information shared. 

If you, a friend, or family member have a property(properties) whether in the state of AZ or any location across the nation that you wish to sell, please give him a call. I just recently learned that even if the property is set to be auctioned due to a lien or is in foreclosure, he may still be able to help! 

A conversation with him may save you money, a ding against your credit (home sale vs a foreclosure) and may even put money in your pocket. He may even be able to help with a reverse mortgage or with property that a deceased family member has left to you or to a family member. Let him do the leg work! 

Thank you Mark. I appreciate all that you've done for me!

Name:  Gaston Bryant
Company:  Farmers Insurance-Gaston Bryant Agency
If you are looking for a true professional with great customer service look no further than Mark Warlick!

Name:  Ali
Organization: Phoenix Local Organizing Committee 
Mark taught a wholesaling class for us and educated us on the ins-and-outs of wholesaling. It was very insightful as well as empowering. He also held follow up lessons for us too learn more and put what we learned into practice. I will be eternally grateful. 

Name: Charlie Tijerina
Company: Firebird Wholesale

Location: ​Glendale, AZ
I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on several Real Estate transactions and can confidently say that he is of the highest caliber both in his business and personal relationships. He is honest and straight forward and highly competent at what he does. I will do business with him anytime for years to come. If you would like to speak with me directly about my dealings with Mark, please reach out to him for my phone number or email address and contact me directly. ~Charlie 

Name: Israel
Company: Green Terra LLC

Location: Phoenix, AZ
I have worked with Mark Warlick in several deals and he has always delivered!! From keeping me up to date and always following up with me to ensure that each transaction goes as smooth as possible. I have not had any issues while working with Mark, he has always returned all of my calls promptly in an exceptional time frame.

Name: Deanna
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Mark approached me about wholesaling mom’s house and said he could sell it at no cost to me and no extra work on my part. He was a man of his word and took only a month from start to finish. No stress and no regrets. 

Name:  Kathy Sharp
Location:  We reside in Iowa and the property involved is in Arizona. 
I was contacted by Mark Warlick regarding a property in Arizona that had set vacant for 4 years. My father was the oldest surviving family member of the deceased owner of the property. As we live in Iowa he had no interest in retaining the property. Mark facilitated the sale of the property for us in what I would describe as a complicated procedure. He was professional while always presenting himself in a friendly and caring manner. I believe he utilized all of his skills in involving other people to make this sale possible. I was very pleased with the way the sale was handled and the co-operation all of the people involved displayed. The sincere interest and the honesty of Mark was much appreciated as we were quite a distance away and had to rely on him for the information and instructions on how to proceed from day to day. Thank you for making this a pleasant experience. 

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